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Why Can’t I be Happy?

Depression is probably one of the most common and understated issues of our time. People don’t really understand do they? All they see is what you want them to see. All they see is that smile flash them every time they cross your path. All they hear is your laugh. What they don’t see are the tears you shed in the dark or the anguish that you go through when you have to get out of your bed every morning; dreading the day before it comes, and the people you’re going to have to put up a show for all over again. Every day you ask yourself why? Why do have to put up a show every single day? Why can’t you be genuinely happy? Why can’t you just smile at a person because you actually want to?

Well truth be told I cannot answer that question because I have no idea what it is that you’ve experienced which has brought you at this point in your life. I am not going to pretend to know who you are or what you are going through because nobody knows that but you. But I’m just here to tell you this; you are not alone. Now I don’t mean that like the cliché, ‘there are more going through the same thing you are’ blah blah blah… I mean that in the most literal sense ever. You’re not alone. You don’t have to take that grief all alone. There is someone who wants to see you happy. Someone who wants to give a joy that will last for all eternity and all he asks of you is to accept what he has to offer. The question is; are you willing to accept that offer?


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