What is this ‘Love’ thing?

Of all the overused words in probably any language, I think ‘Love’ takes the prize right after ‘Sorry’. And like most things  that lose their meaning when thrown around all the time the same has happened. Blame it on TV, the Film Industry or society or global warming, the truth, sad and harsh as it may be, is that nobody really knows what love is anymore. Scientists and philosophers have tried to explain it and define it over time but they might as well have been banging their heads against an iron wall reinforced with concrete, all they’re going to get is a massive pain in the head. The best they could come up was a chemical reaction, and a bunch of quotes that you find on Facebook status updates. So what is love? what is this concept? and how do I know if I am loved or that if I Love someone? How do I know if this is love? how do you tell the difference between attraction and love? is it the same thing?

Well to answer the last question first, NO! even I know that one. Love and attraction are two VERY different things. “So Then What is this love?” honestly speaking, I haven’t the slightest idea or rather I don’t know where to begin. There’s the sheer happiness on a mother’s face when she sees her little child for the first time. That pure adoration that you see in a child’s eyes when he looks up at his father Or how about the tears that people shed when they lose someone close. “Is that the mysterious ‘Love’ thing you speak off?” yes. “Is that all there is?” no. What I just described are only a few examples. If you want to know what love truly is, I might have to take you back  a couple of millennia.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I think that is what love is. pure and unadulterated love, the love of the creator for his creation. A love so selfless and pure that it was willing to sacrifice everything without holding back. A love so pure that I don’t think any example I can give can trump that. That is what love means. That is what love is.


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