What Do People Want From Me?!

Most of us spend our lives with the weight of the world on our shoulders! trying our hardest, giving it our all to bear all that responsibility that gets thrown our way. Your mother wants you to get a good job and settle down. Your friends expect you to help them out of sticky spots and have fun with them, the rest of your relatives keep expecting you to be perfect and be a mentor to your cousins. Your boss expects your work to be done with utmost perfection and preferably before schedule. Everybody EXPECTS the world from you and your shoulders are beginning to droop. you keep asking yourself the same thing over and over again, “What do they want from me? and why me?!” but no matter how many times you ask yourself that question you never have an answer. You wonder how will you ever handle this burden alone?  But what if I were to tell you, there is someone who is willing to share your burden?

God said,

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will Give you rest”

There are times when we can accomplish things with our own strength and there are times when we need to ask for help. It is in those times that God is just standing there next to you, waiting for you to ask him for his assistance and that is all you have to do; just ask. You don’t have to try and take it all up on your shoulders alone when God is there with his hands opened wide.


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