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Taking For Granted

When was the last time you took something for granted?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “very recently” ?

In this day and age most of us lead a pretty comfortable life.A roof over our heads, clothes to wear, food to eat, plenty of things to enjoy, tonnes of friends.Most of us have everything, but how much do we value these things? Most of the time we end up taking everything for granted. Let me give you some examples: How many times have we taken a friend who cared so much about us for granted? How many times have we taken our parents for granted?How many times have we taken our spouses for granted? How many times have we taken the talents God have given us for granted?  Im guessing the answer is going to be- “plenty of times”.

Have you ever thought about the air you breathe? You can’t see it. It’s just there. Its free. Now for one minute just imagine if that was taken away from you? Or the ability to take the next breath is gone? A little too morose?  I just trying to make a point here.We don’t know what the next minute holds. James 4:14 says.”How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog–it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.”

If you knew that you’re going to be gone tomorrow will you take everything you have in your life right now for granted? I sure wont! So why can’t we live every single day of our lives like that? Why do we have to see the bad side in everything?

Just the other day one of my family members was talking about his visit to a home for kids infected with aids. He was saying how the children just wanted to sit in the laps of the people who visited the home.. Children aching for love, aching for the touch of another human being. God has blessed us with so many people who love us to bits and care about us deeply.How often do we take them for granted? But you know what? They are not going to be in your life forever. Cherish them when they are there .

There is no value for anything anymore. Everything has become use and throw. Nothing has meaning. Love is not genuine. Relationships are not real. Friendships are superficial. Crime and corruption is on the rise. Why? It’s because we don’t value anything and because we have taken the very life God has given us for granted. If we actually value this one life God has given us everything else would make a lot more sense and mean a whole lot more to us.

Nothing in this life except God is permanent and the sooner we realise it the better.


– Christina Kiran



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