Sometimes I wish life came with a map and a set of instruction manual. Kind of like a video game usually does. That helps you make the right choice for your character and face off against enemies and obstacles and plan for them before they come! that would be so much more convenient wouldn’t it? That map would tell you exactly where to go and the instruction manual would give you the perfect strategy to face or avoid the obstacles without any effort! Life would be so easy! or well at least it would be manageable. How amazing it would be to never feel lost!

In this maze we have come to know as life, it is quite easy to lose our way and direction. Taking a wrong turn and ending up at a dead end is actually just as easy as breathing and then what follows is a sense of utter helplessness. But unlike a maze in life we cannot just walk backwards to the point where we took the wrong turn and take a different decision. And also fortunately unlike a maze, a dead end is not always what it seems. There is a way out, there is always a way out and a long time ago, Someone actually came down from heaven to show us that way.

God has a plan in all our lives, and sometimes they don’t match with our plans, so when he nudges you in the right direction you start thinking ‘This is not where I wanted to go…’ So to all of you who think you are lost, I got a message for you, you’re not. And if you feel lost I know someone you can talk to. In fact he wants you to come and talk to him. The question is are you willing? are you ready to tell him everything and above all trust him enough to accept his help and start walking in the path that he sets in front of you? Are you ready to trust him enough to know that where you stand right now is actually the best place for to be, for you to fulfill the purpose that he has set for you?