Let’s talk s**…. Hmmm nope…

Christians tell they don’t do certain things because the Bible forbids them to do so, but if Christianity is a lifestyle how can we stop there? I am one of these people who would encourage us to go further and ask why the bible says so and in what context. It is essential to develop a conviction towards why we do and don’t do certain things. Otherwise it just becomes a law, which we are eager to break any day and gives us a deep feeling of guilt if we break them.

So yeah coming back to the topic, the Bible clearly tells us that God isn’t pleased with sexual immorality. We have thousands of questions running in our heads when we come across these verses like hey is it ok after marriage? Then what are marriage, just exchanging rings? So is marriage the license to have sex? What if I save myself for the one and my marriage sucks, making me feel even more miserable? Phew. Sex is either overrated or undermined aint it? I’m just going to put it this way sex is a choice, I know people are raising your eyebrows at me right now but wait till you hear it all.

Keeping sex as a choice let’s consider few situations here. Let’s say you are so madly in love with this guy or girl and you are damn sure you’re going to marry that person or you just don’t believe marriage is an external thing. Sex (even if you wanna call it making-love) is a part of this package and then one day things go wrong and you break up. You are left with this hurt, guilty and you regret life all together. There are thousands of people living like this and don’t be surprised but the only thing that haunts them every day even after years is the sexual relationship they shared and either one of them or both feel they were used and sex, that was designed to be beautiful turns into disgust. These people are living their past in the present and it will continue in the future too. They don’t believe in love, when they find the right person they can’t but look at them through the past.

Then there are these people who are so done with relationships and immune to getting hurt that all they prefer are one night stands. There are continually in search for something that they don’t find and they just carry on day after day doing the same thing. Unplanned pregnancy, STD’s, abortions, crimes etc come with this package. A lot of people out there are searching for a person to love them and you have other people who can do the love act just to get you to bed.

I know I know people reading this are like hey why you so negative dude? Why can’t you just look into the brighter things in life? Ooofff… Remember I told sex is a choice and I am talking for the majority. So the majority are the people who have ruined their marriages, cant fall in love again, spoil their health, can’t afford to bring up a child and choose to abort instead. These are the reasons that sex is a big thing yet not everything. It takes a lot of wisdom to decide. What looks sugar coated for many years can have something bitter inside. We can go on all day and night arguing about this but this isn’t as simple as trying a new dish at an awesome restaurant. Don’t get this wrong, your value is not determined by physical things but I’m definitely talking about the emotions involved in this. This is not only for women as some cultures and traditions tell us, I’m here talking for both men and women. I can just go on and on and tell the other gruesome things that happen because of wrong decisions.

Mannn why is sex even such a big deal? Why is my purity based on this? Why are we glorifying it and why are there so called weird consequences? My question right back at you is so simple if sex is just so simple and just another thing for you then wouldn’t it be like a hug you give a friend on the road? If the intention behind sex is not love then I can’t imagine how the world would turn out to be. There are things designed for a specific purpose, we can’t try to change this around and call it radical or modern.

Here we go would you risk it all and or would you consider every detail that comes with it? I’m just putting this question before you to think and not judge. If you have messed up, I would just say pray and know that where sin abounds grace abounds more. Let’s just not take God’s love and grace for granted though. For the others who are more eager to try it out or feel you are a risk taker and nothing can get you down, I have just these words for you – God loves you just the way you are and will wait patiently for you, but would you hurt someone who loves you so much? Remember that what hurts God the most is to see you being hurt. I’m finishing off with this question again sex is a choice, what do you choose? Do your choices affect people, moreover does it glorify God? Let’s take efforts together to search and learn more as to why the Bible asks us to stay away from certain things.