BLog- Shambles

Fighting the shambles of the world

I’m starting off with something about me because I feel this could be relevant to this topic. I’m just a normal young woman who is fun loving and spends most of her leisure time watching loads of movies and videos. Media is an integral part of my life. As a teenager I have had struggles as every other teenager would have and I have grown out of them or let’s say those weren’t the areas I struggled with the most. I can watch a movie and not remember much of it, talk about it being blessing or my memory lol. I feel I have reached some kind of maturity in my journey where I can filter what I want to take. This is not me being proud but purely honest. I just know that I would never slip while walking on a busy street and this insanely handsome (hot.. being real here) young man would hold me, our eyes would meet and we would fall in love and live happily ever after. I wish I can change it to joyfully ever after because joy doesn’t depend on circumstances..kidding.. I mean like the director of the movie is pretty sure that certain things that are in his/her movie wouldn’t happen in real life, its only we the audience who are super excited to try stuff. I’m going to talk about the impact of sitcoms, movies, advertisements etc on our teens or just other people in general. I believe even older people struggle in these areas and I’m going to keep it real and raw. Apologies in advance for the language or words I might use where necessary.

Advertisements these days are longer, more interesting and very creative and yet some convey wrong messages. You know you could turn this young woman on and make her feel sexier if you used this fragrance or you can even make angels fall from heaven haha. You could definitely get this job if you used this cream or go to this parlor.Talking about the ads for condoms – you definitely know you could drill with colors (don’t look at me like that, its true). You are a man if you get this car and next year the same company tells you to be a man and get their latest car. What is this? Renewing your manhood? I can’t but laugh. Sadly people fall prey for all this nonsense and land up in a major identity crisis. They want to alter their bodies and find identity in the things they own because they have forgotten what it is to be fearfully and wonderfully made. One day if they lose all this they want to die. Sad but true.

Many of you must have watched movies like friends with benefits, crazy stupid love etc. Yup they were fun to watch but we don’t stop there do we? We go to the next level to believe that sex with a friend is ok, if you could get more women to bed then you are having all it takes, to get your wife back you need to make her jealous by sleeping with other women. Sex doesn’t seem like a great deal, the purpose it was designed for is totally lost. So our ultimate aim becomes to get pleasure without any commitment leading to broken families and don’t blame a child when he grows up without values and doesn’t know to respect women.

I am not talking about men alone here. Women objectify themselves sometimes even before a man does it. Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, mannn its just porn. Don’t tell a man screens you when you’re walking towards him and turns his head around to screen when you pass by. I am not being judgmental here and I totally agree to the fact that conservative means different in different cultures but that doesn’t give us the liberty to be provocative. Songs like this encourage that you could get a man if you strip before him. So love doesn’t matter anymore, just the physical stuff. Our poor little girls have too many things to concentrate on now.

We have to choose what we see and also ask God for the wisdom to decide. It is also important to advise our children and talk to them when they are struggling with issues related to porn, sexual orientations and having identity problems based on these.