Is He / She the one?

You’ve been going out with him/her for quite a while now and you couldn’t be more in love. So its natural that you two are considering taking the next step, marriage. And why not what you two have is amazing. When you’re around them it all seems just right. There’s background music on in your head, the lights look brighter, the world seems all colorful and void of any darkness. It just feels right. Wait no, let me rephrase that, it just feels perfect. But still there is that voice going on at the back of your head questioning, is it? Is it all perfect? Are you really in love or is this just infatuation? Or maybe you’re just nervous, maybe you’re not ready to take the next step just yet.

What is the Right Time?

It’s hard to know when the right time has arrived or when the right person has arrived. After all we’re only humans, and making mistakes comes pretty naturally to us. But then again this is an area you cannot afford to make mistakes, not even a little one. So the question is what should you do? who can possibly know what to do? maybe your mom or your dad? but then again how are they supposed to know? They can’t possibly know your partner better than you. So then who? who can help you?

Who Can Help Me?

Well I am definitely not the person either, but I think I might know someone wise enough to help you come to a decision that will probably benefit the both of you. Yes I am talking about God, and before you stop reading just hear me out. He has known you all your life, he knows exactly what you need from a life partner and he knows your partner and his needs and qualities and flaws better than him and he also knows if you will or will not complement each other.  Does that not make him the perfect person to direct all your queries to? just think about it…


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