I Need Peace

Your dad wants you to be the best there is, your mum wants you to be like Sharma uncle’s son, who is currently working in some MNC in some corner of the world. Your siblings look up to you, your relatives want you to be a role model for their kids and all you want is Peace.

In a world where competition and rivalry are as much a part of your life as is breathing or eating; ‘Peace’ has become a luxury not afforded to even those on the highest rungs of the social ladder. In fact some might even say that the mere notion of a peaceful existence is nought but a myth. Nonetheless, that has never stopped the human race from hunting for peace. I doubt there are any more rocks left for us to turn. We have tried meditating, sports, yoga and heavens know what else. But as always, being a race that loves complexity, we have overlooked the simplest of options. We neglected the most obvious path that we could take. And off all the things on the planet, we went and ignored our Creator.

Yes, I am talking about God, the one and only, the creator of heaven and earth, the Alpha and the Omega. Now before you go off in a huff and click that red button on the corner of your screen, think about this a little more logically. Off all the things and people that are on the planet, is it not possible that the one who created the concept of peace would also be the one to know the way to get it? Makes sense doesn’t it?

‘For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. As in all the congregations of the saints’


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