How to be beautiful?

There comes a time in every individuals life when he/she finally comes to a conclusion that they need to start looking good. Suddenly the book’s cover becomes all too important in fact one might go as far as to say that it becomes more important than the book itself. You suddenly become aware of words like self conscious and image. Suddenly what the world thinks becomes oh so important! The world must think you look good, the world must think you’re pretty, the world must think you’re beautiful.

What is Beauty?

But here’s a thought.  What makes you think the world knows anything about beauty? What makes you think the world knows anything at all? You see the world is made up off a lot of people just like you and all of them with a limited and finite understanding, the operating word here being “Finite” as in limited. Personally I doubt anybody knows how this ‘beauty’ thing works. Some people find some things beautiful while other people might find the same thing revolting. Some people define beauty as “pleasing to the eye” but then that begs the question, “whose eye?” Is there a pair of eyes that sets the benchmark? Well actually there is.

The way I see it, the only one who can decide if you’re beautiful or not is the one who created you. In fact I think his are the only eyes you have to be pleasing to. Not to your neighbor or your boss or you boyfriend or girlfriend. The only one whose opinion matters is the one who took the time to mould you with his own hands and I know this, he’s not just looking for aesthetics he’s considering a lot of other factors. So this brings me to my final question, you were looking on ways to become beautiful, what makes you think you are not?


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