Am I Beautiful? Am I Pretty?

You were created by an awesome God who loves you the way you are and you are his own handiwork made perfect and beautiful in a special way. However, Our Society is obsessed with outer appearance. Am i pretty? Am I beautiful? Is a common thought that crosses many, especially teenagers and the youth today. Times have changed .I completely understand the kind of social bombardment of glamour and fashion we have to face today owing to the exposure of media and other entities of influence. I am not surprised that such a question has crossed your mind; neither are you the first one or the last one to think about the same. I want to quickly walk you through some basic questions that will help me to give you a broader perspective of this situation. I want you to read these questions and think for a minute or two about them before you want to read my review.

  • What’s the most important thing for me at this stage of my life?
  • How much can I actually change the way I look now?
  • To whom all does it matter, the way I look now?

I am glad you are still reading. Now it’s important for you to know what your goal in life is at this stage. You may have lot of things important on your hand, could be your studies, job or family. The way you look now does it really impact your performance in these areas is the question you need to answer. What can you do to change yourself and to what extent can u go to give yourself a complete makeover is the second thing. Thirdly for whom do you want to look beautiful and pretty because the one who loves you truly will love and appreciate the way you are.images (10)    images-10-300x144.jpgjhfjf



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