What is this ‘Love’ thing?

Of all the overused words in probably any language, I think ‘Love’ takes the prize right after ‘Sorry’. And like most things  that lose their meaning when thrown around all the time the same has happened. Blame it on TV, the Film Industry or society or global warming, the truth, sad and harsh as it may be, is that nobody really knows what love is anymore. Read more


Is He / She the one?

You’ve been going out with him/her for quite a while now and you couldn’t be more in love. So its natural that you two are considering taking the next step, marriage. And why not what you two have is amazing. When you’re around them it all seems just right. Read more


I’m Tired

Life can be a tiring thing sometime. The daily humdrum monotony can get to anyone. Everyday it’s the same schedule. You get up in the morning, you get ready, and you go to your office/school/college or just start doing the same old housework day after day after day Read more


I Want to Die

“I want to die”, sometimes I wonder what must have led to people coming to that conclusion in their lives. I wonder what could have possibly happened in someone’s which caused this complete absence of hope from their lives; which led them to just give up and conclude that there is no coming back from this point, that this is it, this is the end of the road. Read more


How to be beautiful?

There comes a time in every individuals life when he/she finally comes to a conclusion that they need to start looking good. Suddenly the book’s cover becomes all too important in fact one might go as far as to say that it becomes more important than the book itself. Read more


Show Me the Money

Ever since you were little you were taught the importance of money. You were taught to save it, to spend it wisely. You were taught that it can get you pretty much anything. Then as you grew older you were trained to get more of that magic paper that gets you stuff. Read more

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Why Can’t I be Happy?

Depression is probably one of the most common and understated issues of our time. People don’t really understand do they? All they see is what you want them to see. All they see is that smile flash them every time they cross your path. All they hear is your laugh. Read more


Decisions Decisions!

Every day we come across situations where we have to make decisions. Small ones, big ones, minor ones, major ones, insignificant ones and even life changing ones. Now the problem is, taking those decisions is not a walk in the park. It’s more like jumping off a plane and aiming for a tiny pond with a volcano on one side and a shark pool on the other. The slightest miscalculation on your part and adios amigo. Taking decisions is scary. Read more


I Hate My Life

Life can be a mean mean thing. it has this messed up habit of showing you a cookie, giving it to you, and then snatching it away from you  and kicking you in the shins while it’s at it. Considering all this, I’m not really surprised that most people are not happy with their lives. Read more


What Have I Done!


They say that every time we do something wrong, there is this tiny little voice that keeps on nagging us. We call it a guilty conscience. What happen when this ‘little’ voice begins to become increasingly loud? in fact it starts becoming so loud that it begins to drown out your own voice. Read more